Yvonne Mason

As soon Yvonne Mason learned how to write, she started composing stories . At the ripe old age of five years, Yvonne knew she wanted to be an author. It wasn’t until decades and many rejection letters later that Yvonne realized her dream. In 1974 Yvonne started her first novel Dream Catcher, Failure Was Not an Option based on her brother Stan. The book was completed and published in 2006. Since then Yvonne has been very prolific and successful publishing book after book.

Yvonne is best known for her book Silent Scream based on the true crimes committed by Florida serial killer, Gerard Schaefer. The book, of course, exposes the horror of the murders, but even more so, seeks to give a voice to the victims. As Yvonne puts it, “The victims no longer scream silently, they now have a voice and with that voice comes peace.” Yvonne’s work and research into Schaefer and his crimes is so extensive that the Discovery Channel interviewed her and used her research in their series, Investigation Discovery’s Most Evil.

As you review Yvonne’s body of work you’ll note that she writes in various genres. Her books are available in paperback, ebook and audio formats in the usual places, including your local book store. If you’ve finished reading all of her current offerings, don’t worry. She’s always working on at least one project with new books coming out often.

When Yvonne is not writing, you can find her speaking. Yvonne has a definitive “pay it forward” philosophy and she loves to inspire others. Yvonne is very open about her life. She left an abusive relationship in order to protect her children and herself. She started college in her 50’s and graduated with a degree in criminal justice. She became a licensed bounty-hunter at an age that most people would be contemplating retirement. Now in her 60’s she isn’t slowing down at all – she’s writing and speaking more than ever.Yvonne is the host of several podcasts. She is also involved in her local and extended community.

Yvonne is the primary caretaker of her disabled husband. She advocates for access to the disabled in public places. She champions the rights of children and is always fighting for the underdog. Her energy and determination to do good and see that justice prevails is boundless. Most exciting to her fans is that Yvonne is very accessible. Simply contact her here.