To learn a little bit more me all about you need to do is just look at the extensive media coverage, news releases, interviews and the like listed below. You’ll see that I not only have a passion for writing. I also love the research that goes hand-in-hand with storytelling.

Of course, I don’t just like telling stories “on paper,” I am also committed to sharing what I know in person. You’ll often find me speaking to groups. I particularly enjoy lifting up those that need encouragement as well as young people. Life hasn’t always been easy for me, but I’ve somehow found the strength to keep going each day. You have that strength within in you too and I’d love to help you find it.

I welcome requests for interviews and speaking engagements. Just contact me and we’ll make it happen.

investigation Discovery

I am so proud that the work that I did to research my book Silent Scream was helpful for the Discovery Channel. You’ll see me being interviewed for Season 3: Episode 5 of Investigation Discovery Most Evil series. I was very surprised the day I received a call from one of the producers! But I literally had done more research on this true crime than anyone else.

Certainly the Investigation Discovery interview was an incredible honor. But I am equally honored by all journalists that have covered my work. A small sampling of additional media mentions follows:

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